Your Sneak Peak

You've received access to this portion of our website because we want you to be involved in the pre-publication process.  Do you have an hour or so to browse through the content of the book?  Do you want to read the whole thing?  Here you can access the manuscript and submit your comments and endorsements.

Click here to access a PDF copy of the manuscript.

Click here to submit comments and endorsements.

Your Feedback / Endorsements

We want to use your feedback and comments for future promotional purposes.  Particularly, we're looking for answers to the following questions by August 31st:

  • What's something specific, that you read, that was helpful?
  • What did you read that was encouraging?
  • What is something about this book that would make you want to recommend it to a friend or family member?
  • Why should a parent (or soon to be parent) read this book?
  • Do you know Caleb and/or Sarah personally?  What do you notice about them?  Do you see God's hand on their lives?  How?

Any other comments and impressions are welcome, too.

By AUGUST 31st, we'd like to have collected all of your comments.

Your Blog / Website

If we use your comments and endorsements, we would be glad to mention your blog/website in our book and/or promotional materials.  Submit your blog/website with your comments by clicking here.

Your Friends & Family

For copyright purposes, please refrain from publicly sharing the links on this webpage.  If you know of someone who would be interested in reading this manuscript (and sharing their endorsement) please email heartofdavid81 at hotmail dot com and we will use your name to personally invite them to participate.

THANK YOU for your time and friendship!