Good Around the Corner - Open My Hands by Sara Groves

So I've been writing a few blogs about this phrase I've been pondering: 'There's good around the corner.' It's not natural for me to think in my everyday circumstances that what's happening to me is GOOD. I tend to think that I'm not cared for. I tend to want to say 'Are you kidding me?! Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me??' rather frequently. I really like this song by Sara Groves that talks about this whole 'good around the corner'/good-is-being-done-to-me-whether-I-have-eyes-to-see-it-or-not-concept (maybe I should have gone with the current culture and hastagged that nice little phrase instead of hyphenating it...but, hoenstly, that is just ANNOYING to try to read people's 20 word hastags. Am I right?!)

In the song, Sara Groves basically says that things that we would associate with either good or bad (rain, pain, and thirst) are 'no measure of His faithfulness...He withholds no good thing from us."

And her chorus says, "I will open my hands, will open my heart...I am nodding my head an emphatic yes to all that You have for me."

Wow. I love that idea of receiving what God is sending my way and agreeing with Him that He is good and doing good things in my life. (And I also love that she managed to slip the word 'emphatic' into a song!)

Anyway, here's the song. It's touched my heart many times when I've heard it.