Good Around the Corner - Part 1

My husband and I have been throwing around this phrase recently as we've talked about various things:

"There's good around the corner."

It's become a pretty significant thought for me. Let me give an example of what I mean.

We're supposed to go away for a 2-night getaway on Thursday night of this week. I just turned 30 this month, and we deliberated for quite some time about how to properly celebrate my entrance into a new decade of life. We thought about having a 'Sarah's Last Night of Being Young' crazy dance party with a DJ and disco ball. We considered hosting a 'formal-attire-required' sit-down dinner for our friends, complete with ballroom dance lessons. But in the end, we settled on a get-away. I really enjoy time away from the responsibilities of mothering, and Caleb happens to be my bestest friend in the whole world, so this is the way I'd most enjoy celebrating my birthday. And consequently, it's also the cheapest option. It's a win-win situation.

Anyways, we're scheduled to go away on Thursday. And on Sunday night, Bethany threw up in her bed. 3 times. So unfortunately, it seems like that she's got some kind of stomach flu.

Considering that it was Sunday night and we were scheduled to go away on Thursday night, like any other normal mom out there, I panicked internally. "What about my VACATION?!?" I thought. I was imagining our other daughter getting sick and us being unable to leave because she was throwing up. I imagined myself puking in the days to follow and still being in that miserable recovery mode where you still feel yucky and unsure about what to eat that will help you get better. And I imagined myself in the hotel, up all night on the bathroom floor.

To sum it up: I imagined our special getaway being ruined.

I've been realizing in the past month that I have quite a few thoughts during the day, that, if they go unchecked, I'll spend all night pondering them instead of sleeping. So I've arrived at the idea that I need to have a designated time each day to 'think through' whatever thoughts or emotions are floating around in the back of my consciousness during the day. I need to write them down and think them through in light of who God is and who God says I am. (Yes, basically, I AM describing a 'quiet time.' I finally acknowledged that this is a good thing and necessary for me to stay healthy. For 30 years I've tried to avoid it and pretend I don't need it. But I have finally succumbed.) So this was one of those thoughts.

As I said, we've been tossing around the phrase 'There's good around the corner,' so I plopped down on the couch and started thinking about that phrase in light of the 'Stomach Sickness Doom' that had settled over my emotions.

Here's what I my thought process was like:

I tend to always think that there's bad things around the corner: despair, depression, ruin, loss, pain, etc, etc, etc. But here's the thing. Because of the gospel, the Good News about Jesus and what He's done for me, there's actually GOOD around the corner.

Here's a quick list of some of the 'good' I'm talking about:

  • God has promised to never stop doing good to me.
  • In fact, God has COVENANTED to never stop doing good to me. He cannot break His covenant.
  • His covenant isn't based on ME being good enough and living up to the covenant terms. In other words, to have Him do good to me, I don't have to earn it. He just does good to me because He's covenanted to do so.
  • He also does good to me because the good and blessing that comes my way is, again, not based on me and my performance. It's based on JESUS' good performance. Jesus was perfect and was able to earn God's blessing and happiness when He was on earth, and the good news is that Jesus gave the benefits of that good ME!
  • God is completely sovereign and when He says He will never stop doing good to me...He's seriously able to come through on His promise.
  • And God is personal- He's committed to ME, to doing good to ME. Not just going around doing random good to the world. He's never stopping to do good to ME, all the time, every day, every minute.

That's Good News.

And based on that Good News, I can be confident that 'Good is around the corner.'

So when I look at my impending vacation, I can trust God that 'Good will be around the corner.' It might not look like I planned. It might not be the ideal that I'm imagining. It might not be the perfect vacation with perfect rest and the best eating-out experiences that I've ever had in my life. It might not be Vacation Nirvana.

But I can be sure that around the corner will not be disaster and despair.

I can be settled knowing that God will be doing good to me.

I can be certain that, in Christ, God will be POURING OUT blessing and good over me on my getaway.

Whatever it looks like.

Because of Jesus, there is ALWAYS good around the corner...

Because of Jesus, there is ALWAYS good around the corner...