I'll Ask My Husband

I've never tried gardening before. The outside of our house has looked pretty sorry for the 8 years that we've lived here. This year, I thought to myself, "This is my year for gardening! The girls are big enough to run aorund outside and entertain themselves while I work...no one is breast feeding...no one is potty training...we've entered a new gardening stage!"

Well, today, after about 3 weeks of trying out teeny tiny landscaping ideas in our yard, I decided that I didn't really care for the whole idea. When I picked up Caleb, my husband, from school, I told him that I was in somewhat of an annoyed mood, and it was all because I was in an argument with our yard. It's alot of work! Mulching, planting, watering...and it looks nothing like the beautiful, wild, English garden that I had dreamed of! I planted this stick that was supposed to turn into high, purple pretty flower stem things like 3 weeks ago, and it still looks like an ugly little stick in the ground. 

As I was telling Caleb my silly little woes about the yard, he said, "Well, let me help you make a system for dealing with it." And that simple little phrase reminded me of a much bigger principle that I wholeheartedly believe in...and try to implement in the day-to-day experiences of life.

I believe that I, as a woman, will be blessed if I run to my husband for covering and help.

Now, I'm not saying that the whole garden-woes is a real hardship that I need help in. I'm more just telling a silly story from my week. But our conversation reminded me of a dynamic in our marriage that I think is really helpful and brings blessing to the whole family: 

God set it up that the husband is the ‘head of the household.' To me, that basically means that he’s got a special anointing on his life to lead our family. And THAT basically means that if I’m going through something emotional, or I’m scared or worried or struggling, or if there’s something going on with my children, I’ll receive a gift when I run to my husband to be under his leadership in that area and bring the issue to him.

Some women might think, ‘Well, my husband is pretty much clueless in this area so I’m not going to talk to him about it or ask for his input.’ Ladies! That is SUCH a wrong conclusion. The blessing won't come because he knows so much! The blessing comes because he's annointed by God as the head of the householdI’m NOT saying that because he’s so smart or so perfect or knows how to do everything right, that I should run to him. No! I’m saying that there’s a grace given to him to lead because that’s the way God set it up. So anytime I run to him, I’m honoring the structure God has set up, and I’m honoring His plan for my protection and covering, and I’ll be blessed.

Blessing or being blessed is a strange word...it's one of those churchy words and I really hesitate to use it. But I use it because it's TRUE. Blessing doesn't always mean that everything gets worked out, or he knows exactly what to do, or everything gets taken care of. Blessing will come when a wife brings her concerns and her emotional struggles to her husband and asks him for help...but the blessing surely won't look never-messy. But it surely will bring a special grace into my life.

This is the cutie who's going to help me figure out our yard-scaping...as well as many other things.

This is the cutie who's going to help me figure out our yard-scaping...as well as many other things.