Your Meaningful Contribution

You supported! And the "Keep Going" CDs are here! And people are already being encouraged! We've heard two stories of people giving a copy to family/friends grieving the death of a loved one. One mother says she puts on the CD every night as her 5 year old goes to sleep. Thank you to everyone who backed our Kickstarter launch to make this project a reality! (Note: The backers below are being mentioned on this page because of the Kickstarter Reward option that they selected. Woohoo!! :) )


Art and Stephanie Baruffi

Thanks to Art and Stephanie! ...and a special "gracias," and "hola," to their boys! Thanks for supporting our project!

Christopher Howard

A big thank you to Uncle Chris! Our daughters always LOVE IT when you and/or your family members get a chance to be in NJ! Say, 'hi,' to all our cousins!

Sue and Hap Hyson

Sue and Hap Hyson were our VERY FIRST backers for this Kickstarter project. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!

Joel Howard

Thank you Joel, and fam! You guys rock! (Side note to anyone reading this: Joel has had Kickstarter projects of his own. He writes beautiful music; some of which can be found on Spotify. Give a listen here.

Additional copies of "Keep Going" are available.

We're excited that people are encouraged, by the Holy Spirit, as they listen to the melodies, songs, and verses on "Keep Going." Click here if you're interested in obtaining additional copies to give to friends and family.

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